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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blogging's not my thing... but

It turns out that blogging perpetually  sinks to the bottom of my TO DO list (which since September has been sizeable).

Thankfully I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel having done all the groundwork for later this year. We've already done 7 shows this year, which unfortunately were back to back through Feb/March, but they were all great fun.

With all the shows, writing Edward's Menagerie: Birds, developing out all-NEW range of coloured yarn for the first time and of course overseeing everything else here at Toft it's been a busy one. 

TOFT is going through another period of change and growth, and I'm growing the team again to deliver that.  We currently have two very different 21 hr contracts available.  More info HERE. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Edward turns two.

Happy Birthday Edward! Two years after I first picked up a crochet hook and book sales on the #edsanimals collection are soaring. 

We enjoyed a fantastic day at the zoo, getting inspired by all the new animals. The zebra are always popular, but Ed's favourite is always the Giant Tortoise. 

His Grandma and Grandad decided to surprise him with two very special gifts. They have been named 'apple' and 'cheese' by Edward and this is their mansion! They will be living at Toft along with the 200 alpacas and Ed and I will enjoy giving them breakfast and cuddles everyday. 

In fact Edward was so thrilled with the guineapigs that he got in their hutch to help setup their beds! 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Oh deary me.. Where did three months go?

Has it really been that long? 

The pace at Toft at the moment is quite hard to keep up with, hence the silence. Edward's Menagerie has sold like I had never imagined, and our Studio is buzzing with hundreds (yes hundreds) of people every week coming to learn to crochet. 

The team has expanded again to welcome new staff and interns and that has made for a very dynamic group that will be heading us up into the busy winter period. The Cornflower Cafe has become a permanent fixture and we will be changing our opening hours to Wed-Sun from October 1st. That means a whole extra day at the weekend for more workshops! 

Meanwhile the AW14/15 collection is looking top-notch and we're ready to photoshoot next week for an October launch. 

Basically life is good, but busy, so keep up over on Facebook or Inatagram as I can't promise to snatch 15 minutes again for a while. But I will try...